Botswana Tourism Organisation

Developing Botswana into a preferred tourism destination

The Botswana Tourism Organisation was set up by the government to market tourist products and to grade and classify tourist accommoda- tion as well as to promote investment in the tourism sector. 

The organisation has successfully focused its efforts on achieving high standards and developing tourism strategies that exceed customer expectations as well as building customer confidence around the world. 

Its stated aim is to develop Botswana into a unique preferred tourism destination of choice, in order to increase the sector’s contribution to the economic growth of the nation. As part of its efforts to reach this goal, the organisation is constantly expanding and promoting the international image of Botswana. 

A good example is its website, which contains just about everything that potential visitors need to know. The website gives an insight into what’s on offer in Botswana as well as providing useful travel information and advice. It even suggests a list of books to read for visitors to Botswana. 

Dedicated to preserving the heritage and environment of Botswana, the organisation has laid down conservation policies and ecotourism strategies to ensure that tourism is sustainable for its inhabitants and future generations while still contributing meaningfully to the national economy. 

Although relatively new in its development, the Botswana Tourism Organisation has already shown itself to be a well run, fully functioning organisation – one that will continue to serve as a competitive front-runner in promoting Botswana as a destination of choice.